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Wilkinson College Graduate Student Workshop

Writing Against Chaos

Wednesday, September 13, 2017 7:00pm - 9:50pm
2017-09-13 19:00 2017-09-13 21:50 America/Los_Angeles Wilkinson College Graduate Student Workshop Laura Scudder Conference Room, Roosevelt Hall Allison DeVries

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Laura Scudder Conference Room, Roosevelt Hall


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Writing Against Chaos 
Laura Scudder Conference Room, Roosevelt Hall 121
Most of the best authors that the human race has known have themselves experienced extremely difficult moments in their lives. They developed writing careers devoted to exposing adversity and crimes against humanity, in order to avoid the repetition of the dark side of History and, also, to overcome their own personal experiences. 
Writing creative texts becomes a shield that protects us against the challenges with which life confronts us, grants us the possibility to cope with the consequences of traumatic events, and places us on the path of emotional endurance and resistance to political repression, wars and chaos, promoting justice.
Alicia Kozameh, Associate Professor, Department of English
Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
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Alicia Kozameh, Argentine author and former political prisoner during the last military dictatorship in her country, is the author of the novels Pasos bajo el agua, a fictionalized account of her experience in prison; 259 saltos, uno inmortal, inspired by her life as a political exile; Patas de avestruzBasse danseNatatio aeternaEni Furtado no ha dejado de correr, and Bruno regresa descalzo. She also published the collection of short stories titled Ofrenda de propia piel and the book of poetry Mano en vuelo. She is the editor of two anthologies: Caleidoscopio, la mujer en la mira, and Caleidoscopio 2, inmigrantes en la mira. In collaboration with another four ex-political prisoners she wrote the book Nosotras, presas políticas, that includes the testimonial accounts of more than one hundred women from the prison of Villa Devoto, in Buenos Aires.
Her novels and stories have been translated and published in different languages, and her stories have been widely anthologized, as well as her poetry.
Among other literary awards, she has been granted the Crisis International Award for best short story, and the Memoria Histórica de las Mujeres en America Latina y el Caribe, 2000.
About her writing there are many published critical works and assays, some of them included in the collections Escribir una generación: la palabra de Alicia Kozameh (Alcion Editora), Dagas (University of Poitier Press, France), and Alicia Kozameh: Ética, estética, y las acrobacias de la palabra escrita (University of Pittsburgh Press). 
She currently teaches Creative Writing at Chapman University. 

You can contact the event organizer, Allison DeVries at or (714) 997-6752.

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