Wednesday2Nov 2016

Wilkinson College Graduate Student Workshop

Agent Based Models for the Social Sciences

Wednesday, November 2, 2016 4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
2016-11-02 16:00 2016-11-02 19:00 America/Los_Angeles Wilkinson College Graduate Student Workshop Laura Scudder Conference Room, Roosevelt Hall Allison DeVries

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Graduate Students can enroll in this workshop through Course number is GUS 530.

Laura Scudder Conference Room, Roosevelt Hall


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Each semester Wilkinson College offers a variety of workshops for graduate students on topics related to academic, personal, and career development. Graduate Students may register for this 0 credit P/NP class through Course number is GUS 530.

Agent Based Models for the Social Sciences
Laura Scudder Conference Room, Roosevelt Hall
This module is designed to expose students to some of the computational concepts and techniques that are required to design agent-based models in the field of political and social sciences. Emphasis will be placed on the understanding of important concepts and developing analytical skills rather than just computational skills, the use of algorithms, and the manipulation of formulae. The seminar will assume the students are familiar with basic level mathematics including the use of algebra, solving equations, a tiny bit of calculus, and a general comfort with mathematical and quantitative reasoning.
Highly Recommended Book: Squazzoni, F. (2012) Agent-Based Computational Sociology. Wiley
The needed software is retrievable at: Please be sure to download this to your laptop before the workshop. 
Andrea Molle, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Department of Sociology
Andrea Molle is Assistant Professor in Political Science and Research Associate at the Institute for the Study of Religion, Economics, and Society. Prior to coming to Chapman, he was Associate Research Fellow in Sociology at Baylor University (Texas). From 2006 to 2008, he was JSPS Fellow in Anthropology at the Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture (Nagoya, Japan). His current research and teaching agenda focus on the investigation of the intersection of religion and politics in different fields of the Social Sciences. Specific research interests include international relations, computational social sciences, cross-cultural studies of new religions, religious violence and warfare studies. Much of his research in these areas focus upon Asian societies, particularly Japan. He has published a book on new religions (in Italian) and several articles in journals in the fields of Sociology, Anthropology, and Political Science. 

You can contact the event organizer, Allison DeVries at or (714) 997-6752.

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