Wednesday27Feb 2019

ESI Brown Bag Lecture

Sabiou Inoua - Market Experiments: A View From Classical Economics II

Wednesday, February 27, 2019 11:50am
2019-02-27 11:50 2019-02-27 12:50 America/Los_Angeles ESI Brown Bag Lecture WH 116 Wilkinson Hall 116 - ESI Classroom Dustin Tracy

Free to attend

WH 116

Wilkinson Hall 116 - ESI Classroom

Staff, Faculty, and Students

are invited to attend.

Abstract: Experimental markets exhibit regularities that are fundamentally unexpected and challenging from a neoclassical viewpoint: that a market of few haggling traders, endowed with only local and private information, could converge to an optimal equilibrium is indeed a surprising result, because the dominant theory assumes infinitely many price-taking traders endowed with perfect knowledge of market supply and demand. In this talk, we shall present a theory of the market mechanism rooted in classical economics that is a more natural framework for understanding the experimental findings, and we derive from this theory some insights on bubbles in durable or asset markets. 


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